There are over 1,000,000 holiday rental properties in the UK alone generating revenues approaching £2billion a year. Of these around 80% are individually owned.

Currently owners have two choices when deciding how to promote their holiday property:

1.     Through an agency.                        

Agencies charge on a commission basis, averaging 20-25% + VAT. Some Agencies will charge a joining fee or commission on an owner’s personal use of their property.

Many owners we’ve spoken to don’t feel agencies provide a fair return on the level of commission or the terms and conditions they demand.

Potential bookers have to first find the agency site which means agencies have to invest heavily in ‘search engine optimisation. Once found, potential bookers can be presented with a choice of thousands of individual properties. You can break this down by listing your requirements, but if a property isn’t listed on the first two pages of a search, the chances of it being booked can be remote. Consequently agencies spend huge sums to secure sufficient traffic to ensure that owners get some bookings, but all this investment requires high commission rates.

2.     Self-promotion.                                    

For an individual owner, advertising a property (with or without a website) is time consuming and complicated. The majority of owners have ‘day-jobs’ and lack the time or knowledge to do this effectively. Most owners don’t know the effective ways to promote a website, while the potential to waste money advertising in the wrong place is very real. Most therefore resort to option 1, prioritising time saving over expense.

3.     The new option!                                   

My Holiday Marketing Ltd offers a service that frees owners from high commission payments and/or enables them to self-promote their properties without having to allocate the time or expense previously required to do so.

Our services are based upon those we developed to market our own self-catering properties – one a villa in Cyprus, the other a cottage in North Devon. Having successfully tested them on ourselves we’ve begun to share our secrets with other holiday cottage and holiday villa owners.  We’ve even sold the villa in order to set up the company.

We offer cost effective website design, marketing and booking services to holiday property owners designed to help them secure more bookings at less time and cost to themselves.

We aim to make a property number one in a million – not one of a million. We use an owners website to promote their property, so their property will always be seen as an individual property and not one amongst many similar properties.

We ensure that through adding our clients to a linked network of online advertising and social networking, sites generate sufficient site traffic to the site to secure healthy bookings ratios.

We also design sites that appeal to potential bookers – offering a ‘wow factor’ that suits the style and appearance of the property and the type of customer is designed for.

Examples of our work                       

Examples of our website designs for holiday property owners can be seen on:

My Favourite Holiday Cottages           

We’ve set up a site for holiday cottage owners to promote their own websites. Currently this is free  - and only takes about 15 minutes to upload details. Visit us on
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